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Anybody looking forward to skate.2?

2009-01-12 19:06:12 by Monkey-Boy

First of all, I'd just like to say, rate my skate.reel footy! Just click one of the stars on the side

skate. = awesome
skate.2 demo = awesome (Few more days PS3'ers)

Anybody looking forward to this game?
I preordered it two days ago and have been all hyped up since it was announced. The demo is brilliant, if not for the time limit. Whilst some people say the graphics are weaker, personally I prefer them and now it has double the bag of tricks, including inverts, hippy jumps, finger flips, plus the ability to drag anything that isn't bolted down to the floor around to create your own spots, I can see skate.2 lasting me a long time. You can even create your own graphic on the website, and import it in game to put on a t-shirt, hat or even your deck!
And if anybody hasn't played the original or even the demo, at least try it, even if you don't like skating games cos I wasn't a fan either till I got the original skate. demo. The flickit control system is nothing like the button mashing of THPS, instead you use the right analog stick to control the movement of your feet, and consequently, the board.

At least get the demo, see if you like it and see if its worth making the investment, which in my view it obviously is.

TL;DR Read it you lazy arsehole.

Anybody looking forward to skate.2?


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2009-01-12 20:03:01

i am i got the demo to