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Parachat logs

2009-02-21 21:01:13 by Monkey-Boy

As I pasted them into this thread, it was locked, so now they go here

drunk5622: hi
Jess5834: hi
drunk5622: 27/m/usa u
Jess5834: 14/f/uk
drunk5622: way 2 yng sry
drunk5622: lol, real mature
drunk5622: thats why i dont talk to ppl ur age

Shazad-uk: Hi Hun, wana chat...
Jess5834: are you white?
Shazad-uk: nope babes
Shazad-uk: asian
Shazad-uk: u
Jess5834: coolface.jpg
Shazad-uk: ?
Jess5834: so are the legends true?
Shazad-uk: ?what
Jess5834: do asians have tiny penises?
Shazad-uk: no
Shazad-uk: wana chat on the fone
Jess5834: ok
Jess5834: wait lemme find my phone
Shazad-uk: ok
Jess5834: found it
Shazad-uk: cool
Jess5834: 07928189041(yes, that is a real number)
Shazad-uk: wait
Shazad-uk: a/s/l
Jess5834: 14/f/uk
Shazad-uk: ur young
Shazad-uk: what brings you here
Jess5834: raging hormones
Shazad-uk: lol
Jess5834: so, are you up for some tight white meat?
Shazad-uk: I'm calling

btw, he actually called, and i picked up with, 'Good evening, gentlemen'
He answered with a rather sheepish, 'Hi', and now I feel bad.
He had a private number too
That woulda gone on /b/

boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: hii
Jess5834: hi
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: i'am from italy and you?
Jess5834: 14/f/uk
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: i'am 15 years
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: whats your name?
Jess5834: Jess
Jess5834: Short for david
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: beautiful
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: my names is Damiano
Jess5834: thats a gay ass name, son
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: i'am love girl
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: you girl
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: you like fish
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: sorryyyyyyyyyyu
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: excuse not to you
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: sorryy
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: sorry
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: sorryyy
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: heyy
boy_italian_15_i_love_girl: sorry

Parachat logs


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2009-04-09 22:00:03


(Updated ) Monkey-Boy responds:



2009-04-09 22:54:59

lol wow, that gave me a laugh
lololol pic


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